Announcing DVNC Interactive!

What is DVNC Interactive?

DVNC Interactive is a studio formed by five undergraduates studying Digital Media at Drexel University. Most of us are getting ready to graduate in Summer or Fall this year. We decided before graduating and taking on jobs we’d try our best at creating a space in the Digital Media Industry for ourselves.

What are DVNC’s Goals?

  • We see what we create as passion projects that we want to share with as many people as possible.
  • We want to make a place for our audience to escape. Whether that’s through helping our followers with their hobbies (game development, gaming, cross reality app development, or maybe even dancing [DVNC Dance Videos premiering once we get 1K subscribers on our Youtube Channel])
  • We hope to bridge the gap between digital and personal realities.

Dream Goal:

  • We want to revolutionize the way games are experienced at both the social and personal levels. Creating experiential worlds that players can dive into and become a part of (sounds like Sword Art Online!).

What are DVNC’s Plans?

Currently, we are still coming up with DVNC’s long-term plans. Looking short-term, our current major goals for the next few years are:

10 DVNC Articles
Monthly (Starting May 2018)

5 Youtube Videos
Monthly (Starting June 2018)

Magigunner Prototype
Mid May 2018

Fight or Flight Prototype
Mid May 2018

HARD Crawler Prototype
Late May 2018

oVRide Kickstarter Alpha
Mid-June 2018

oVRide Kickstarter Beta
Mid-July 2018

Fight or Flight Kickstarter Alpha
Late July 2018

oVRide Kickstarter Ready
Early August 2018

Fight or Flight Kickstarter Beta
October 2018

HARD Crawler Kickstarter Alpha
December 2018

oVRide Unofficial Release Date
Early December 2018

Magigunner Kickstarter Alpha
January 2019

Fight or Flight Kickstarter
Mid-Feb 2019

HARD Crawler Kickstarter Beta
April 2019

Fight or Flight Unofficial Release
June 2019

Magigunner Kickstarter Beta
December 2019

HARD Crawler Kickstarter
April 2020

HARD Crawler Unofficial Release

Magigunner Kickstarter

Magigunner Unofficial Release

*Kickstarter Alphas and Betas are for Kickstarter Ready versions of the project and don’t necessarily reflect actual Alpha and Beta Definitions (these will be kept internal so if we go past a deadline nobody knows).

Fight or Flight is what we consider our foundational project. This project will be released on a more strict schedule than other mentioned titles. Following Fight or Flight, we want to start actively working on what we consider our “ideal projects” (bigger projects we want players to get lost in). More info on all of the projects will be released at a later date.

We have also left out any plans we have for picking up contracts. Until we can become a stable interactive studio, supported mainly by our titles, we plan to supplement the income we would have from experiences and games with contracts we’ll find through scraping the internet and asking around. Currently, we only have 1.5 contracts in the works. We’re hoping to bring this number up in the months to come (to be self-sufficient we would need about 20+ contracts a year at our current rates).

What does DVNC stand for?

The DVNC name (though catchy) was made by combining the first initials of all of the founding members. It took us a while to come up with, but after a few weeks of moving letters around, we found DVNC.