Announcing Fight or Flight!

What is Fight or Flight?

Prototype Main Menu

Fight or Flight is set to be the DVNC Team’s first released project. In Fight or Flight, two players will build up momentum while riding vehicles (such as cars, trucks, and planes). After gaining speed players can then launch themselves at their enemy and pick between guarding, smashing, or guard-breaking. Once the players collide depending on what they chose they will either win/lose or a continued sequence will happen (the team is still designing specifically what happens when a draw occurs).

Genre Statsfightorflight-proto-riding.gif

Theme: Compy Modern Action
Setting: Urban
Genre: Arcade Action
Targeted Platform: PC/Xbox

Pillars of Design

The pillars of a game’s design are the core ideas that the game is designed around. These ideas are core to what the game is and deviation from one or more of these elements would cause the game to feel different from the intended user experience.

1 Phased Fighting


Combat within Fight or Flight will revolve around phases in which the players deal with environmental factors while building speed and then face their opponent. As of right now, we have three core phases planned: preparation (players build speed), selection (players choose their move), and engagement (players meet and if there’s a draw fast-paced, button mashing sequenced combat begins).

2 Reactionary Gameplay

While playing players will constantly be reacting to different elements whether it’s during the preparation phase and their smashing obstacles or if it’s during the selection phase when they’re responding to their opponent. We plan for the engagement phase to be where players are required to show an advanced understanding of the controller (as players will only have a set amount of time to perform actions).

3 Balancing Preparation and Engagement

During a round in a Fight or Flight players will feel a non-linear sense of pressure as they move between the different phases.

4 Juiced to the Max (aka adding explosions everywhere!)

Prototype Combat

We believe that players should feel that the Fight or Flight experience is as interactive as it can be (unless we do a VR port!). To help achieve a satisfying sense of feedback between player actions and on-screen visuals we want to add in a good amount of visual effects such as particle systems (explosions!), screen shake, and destructible objects.

5 Multiplatform

At this point, we don’t know how far we want to take the multiplatform ability of the game. For now, we want Fight or Flight to be focused on local co-op play. Later we hope to port it from console and PC to mobile (while adding networked gameplay somewhere in there).


Rock, Paper, Scissors

Honestly, Rock, Paper, Scissors is one of the team’s favorite games. We use it to easily solve a lot of problems as well as to just enjoy the gameplay. Fight or Flight’s selection phase is heavily inspired by Rock, Paper, Scissors as it will require players to read their opponent and predict what their final move will be.


Overall, jousting is where the team got the base idea for Fight or Flight. We knew that we wanted to make two people fly towards each other. From there we figured that jousting would be a great reference (which is how we came up with the idea of putting players on vehicles).

Dragon Ball FighterZ

One of the most recent, juicy fighting games on the market. Dragon Ball FighterZ is a reference for Fight or Flight because of the number of beams, lasers, and explosions as well as the characters building anticipation (within the animations) with viewers before using their moves.


Vince Quarles

Vince is the Lead Programmer for Fight or Flight. He has been using Unity3D for 4+ years and has grown accustomed to leading teams from a technical side. Outside of programming Vince also provides support in game design and color theory.

Nick Leffler

Nick is the Lead Environment Artist for Fight or Flight. He’s been hitting the bake lighting button for the past few years and has a love for creating unique environments. Outside of working in Unity, Nick loves to model and work on game design.

Cris Velasquez

Cris is the Lead Marketer and also an Artist for Fight or Flight. He loves making people smile whether that’s through making memey social media posts or sharing his games. Outside of promotion and development, Cris also helps with game design and user interface art.


Proto (May 15th, 2018, v0.1.0)

Kickstarter Alpha (July 2018, v0.2.0)

Kickstarter Beta (Sept 2018, v0.3.0)

Kickstarter Ready (Nov 2018, v0.4.0)


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