90 Day Challenge: Days 20–26

The goal of this challenge is to make a game and try to release it (or have it going through the release process) within 90 days of starting the project. The game I’m working on is titled Magigunner (for now). Below you can read about days 20–26. You can expect updates every 3–6 days until the challenge is complete!

90 Day Challenge

Start Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2019
End Date: June 17, 2019

**All fx and art are from the Unity Asset Store with slight edits to fit the environment and VR optimization

Day 20

Started the week off by preparing to go to an epic client meeting for my team. Wasn’t able to get into Magigunner on this day, but made great design progress on one of the team’s core projects.

Day 21

Had to do some work for a different client project and wasn’t able to touch the project much, but did start thinking about and planning how new enemies would work.

Day 22

After finishing up the client work I cleared a small runway for the rest of the week giving me a decent amount of time to do work. Day 22 began by adding the new enemies, a melee enemy and a flying enemy. Our Design/Art Intern, Nacho, also filled out the environment within the Treasure Rooms to help them look more believable.

Coding Overview Day 22

— Added Melee Enemy
— Added Flying Enemy
— Intern Updated Treasure Room (Filler Objects)

Day 23

Continued on the previous day by updating the melee and flying enemies so they behaved better (melee enemies would chase the player into the sky). I also continued doing some Asset Store window shopping to help push the current theme further.

Coding Overview Day 23

— Updated Melee and Flying Enemies

Day 24

Nacho and I integrated a new asset pack into the project to help fill out the environment and add more variety to walls and floors (the tiling was very obvious due to lack of assets). While Nacho worked on going through the assets and picking the ones to be used I started creating more guns with new assets and fx.

Coding Overview Day 24

— Updated Fire and Lightning Pistols
— Added Rock Pistol, Wind Pistol, Fire SMG
— Added Shooting Range
— Added new Environment Assets

Day 25

After a pretty busy week of client work and Magigunner I took Saturday off and played some more Division 2.

Day 26

Honestly, I think I would’ve felt guilty if I watched some Game of Thrones without working on Magigunner so before the Season 8 premiere I put in some hours. I was able to add cooldowns to spells so that each bullet doesn’t cast a spell. Rooms now have traps (moving and breath) and spawn enemies in a series of waves. I also polished the updated and new weapons so that prefabs could be created from them (allowing me to update them in the Shooting Range level or in the Dungeon). After all that coding I was able to finish the night by enjoying the Game of Thrones premiere.

Coding Overview Day 26

— Added Cooldowns to spells
— Created Breath traps
— Created Moving Traps
— Added Wave spawning to rooms
— Polished 5 out of 6 weapons for Tutorial Sequence


I definitely want to go back to doing at least 2–3 hours of work on Magigunner no matter what. Part of running a business is learning to manage the different aspects and I’m honestly still learning. I am excited to see Nacho getting into the project and making epic environments. At the same time, I’m starting to feel worried about optimization and how client work has caused the project’s development to go slower. As a whole, I think the team is getting more pumped about Magigunner. At the end of this week, we’ll hit major deadlines for our primary clients. This means that the majority of the team’s attention will turn to Magigunner. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get a playable version on Itch within the next week or two.

Goals Going forward

— Start Polishing and Juicing Tutorial
— Plan out content for Itch demo
— Get started on building an Itch page


— Added Melee Enemy
— Added Flying Enemy
— Intern Updated Treasure Room (Filler Objects)
— Updated Melee and Flying Enemies
— Updated Fire and Lightning Pistols
— Added Rock Pistol, Wind Pistol, Fire SMG
— Added Shooting Range
— Added new Environment Assets
— Added Cooldowns to spells
— Created Breath traps
— Created Moving Traps
— Added Wave spawning to rooms
— Polished 5 out of 6 weapons for Tutorial Sequence

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