Nacho DVNC Intern Log #1

Hey! My name is Carlos Fernandez, but you can call me Nacho (it comes from my middle name — igNACIO). As of April 2nd, I am a Multimedia Design Intern at DVNC! I pitched the title of ‘Interim Aesthetic Consultant’ because it uses bigger words and therefore sounds cooler, but unfortunately, that didn’t go through (boo!). But for real, I’m psyched to be part of the team, and to have this opportunity to apply and improve my skills as a game designer/artist in a real studio!

I met Nick through an entrepreneurship class we both took at Drexel in the summer of 2018. The class was focused on launching startups, and Nick was taking the class to help with DVNC and launching SuperHero in Training. Being a game design student interested in VR, I was put in his group. It was a great time helping out with the business and marketing side of DVNC and SHT, but I remember thinking at the time that it would be really cool if I got to help develop the game — and lo and behold, here I am a year later doing exactly that!

This first week was mostly just about getting settled in. I met the team, got set up with all the software they use, and was brought up to speed with the state of their current projects. For now, I will be focusing most of my attention on working on SHT. I spent the first couple of days of the week assigning pieces from an asset pack to corresponding pieces that will be used for levels in SHT. I’m now working on creating the pieces that I was not able to find a match for in the asset pack. At DVNC they use Blender, a program that I’ve never used before (so far I’ve only used Maya), so I’m not as fast and efficient as I’m used to, but it’s always fun to learn about a new tool.

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