DVNC Happenings Week of April 15th, 2019

What are DVNC Happenings

DVNC Happenings is a blog series that covers what the DVNC team has been up to. Each post features an analysis of what DVNC’s currently doing plus content from around the web to help guide users and developers around the VR landscape.

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DVNC Happenings

90 Day Challenge: Magigunner
Nacho Log #2
Indie VR Games We Love


90 Day Challenge: Magigunner

Over the last few weeks, the DVNC team has been working on Magigunner, a VR Dungeon Crawling FPS, for a 90-day game development challenge. The goal of the challenge is to release the project no matter what by the end of the 90 days (mid-June).


Nacho Log #2

You can read up on what our Environmental Design Intern, Nacho has been up to in his second intern log!

Indie VR Games We Love

Wonder what games we play when we’re not doing development? Check out our latest article to see what indie VR games we recommend (we bet you haven’t heard of all of them).

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Outside DVNC

Firmament – Awesome VR Puzzler Kickstarter Campaign
Anime in VR? Finally!
VRTK v4 Our New Love (We still need to try it!)


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