Virtual Reality Outside of Games

Virtual Reality (VR) in the gaming industry has a bustling community that we here at DVNC are more than excited to be a part of. VR may be relatively new tech, but no doubt it’s the one that has been making strides in immersive and groundbreaking gaming experiences. However, gaming isn’t the only industry that VR is involved in – not by a long shot. VR has the capability to open doors in many trades and areas of study such as…

Cinematics / Video
VR is inherently a visual medium, so it’s no surprise the film industry has been pumped to get their hands on the technology. Instead of just watching the story unfold on a flat screen, VR brings you right into the thick of it! However, thus far, cinematics in VR have mostly been on the bite-sized side (sometimes snack-sized), with the scope being limited due to varying reasons. Not to say that these shorts aren’t good, their growing number on VR content stores is a testament to how entertaining they can be! But, as VR technology advances, more and more cinematics are following the more traditional movie ‘feel’. One interesting example is a VR feature film made in Poland called Kartka A Powstania, about the Warsaw Uprising.

Job Interviews
Want a unique way to conduct interviews? VR can undoubtedly help. What better way to test their skills and experience than to pop them right into a scenario? This is exactly what Lloyds Banking Group did in their last recruitment campaign, putting 400 of their candidates through VR scenarios they would face in the workplace. Not only did this add an extra layer to their recruitment process, it apparently gave the impression to applicants that Lloyds was a cutting-edge company at the forefront of the industry.

Traditional retail stores are dying, it’s sad but true. The old way of having to WALK (ewww) to buy things is slowly but surely becoming more and more obsolete. In light of this, retailers are adapting, looking through any and all methods to stay in the game, and VR is no exception. You may be thinking along the lines of virtual stores, where potential customers can come in and browse products from home. These do exist, but a more creative example would definitely be the Volvo Reality App, where customers are taken for a virtual test drive in the car!

Real Estate
Like in the retail example, the possibility of inspecting the product from afar can be very enticing. In VR, customers can check out rooms and facilities of their would-be home without having to worry about making a trip. But the service isn’t only for customers, there are even businesses dedicated to helping realtors set up VR for their properties.

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