Nacho DVNC Intern Log #5

This week I finished creating the sewer level! Things are still subject to change, and there’s definitely still room for improvement, but with what we have we can finally go into testing next week! To be honest, I haven’t really had very much experience with actually using VR at all, so I’m looking forward to going through and standing in an environment that I made!

The asset pack we obtained has allowed me to create this relatively complex environment, at decent quality, without having to do any asset creation whatsoever. Although, only using one asset pack definitely has its fair share of setbacks. I think the general lesson I’ve learned is that when working with asset packs, you’ll likely have to make some compromises with your vision of how you want the level to look like. When making the sewer level, I found that there were times that I had to deviate from my original plan for a room, because either the pieces required were simply not there or those that were weren’t designed to be used the way I wanted to use them. Either way, creating this level allowed me to exercise my creative and decision-making skills with limited resources.

While everything is more or less laid out, this is definitely not what the final product is going to look like. I still have to do a pass for environment particle effects, tweaking lighting settings, and adding post-processing effects. This overall process of not just putting assets in a scene, but making the scene look good and run smoothly, is an area of level design/creation I have less experience in, so I’m eager to learn more!

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