90 Day Challenge: Days 33-38

The goal of this challenge is to make a game and try to release it (or have it going through the release process) within 90 days of starting the project. The game our team is working on is titled Magigunner (for now). Below you can read about days 33-38. You can expect updates every 3-6 days until the challenge is complete!

90 Day Challenge
Start Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2019
End Date: June 17, 2019

**All fx and art are from the Unity Asset Store with slight edits to fit the environment and VR optimization

Day 33

Finally submitted another major part of a client project and hoping that I’ll find more time to code.

Day 34

Nacho continues to chip away at the level while I began to set up a marketing funnel (getting people to notice the game and then download it). With the game starting to take shape in both appearance and intended gameplay we need to start thinking about how we’re going to test the game (not only through itch.io but also in person).

Day 35

I started looking into how to set up an Itch page and what information/content is needed for a good page. The team also spent some time looking on Fiverr for someone to do the logo and music for the game. We finished the day by writing out the intended gameplay loop for the Sewers (the first level).

Day 36

While Nacho continued building out the level I opened notepad and went online to find conventions for the team to attend to test Magigunner and start building an audience. Once I found at least 5 for us to go to I built out a Milestone Schedule around the dates for the events.

Day 37

It finally happened! The team voted and decided that the new name for the game would be Spellshot! We love the name and can’t wait to see a logo for it. At the same time, we’ve applied to 5 different conventions and expos and hopefully, we’ll be attending the majority of them. We also paid the Fiverr logo artist to start work.

Day 38

Nacho completed the Sewers! Now with the base level complete, we can start adding enemies in waves and work towards finishing the core loop.


It feels good that a lot was done on the project over the last few days. As a whole, the timeline feels a bit more organized then I’m usually used to (definitely a good thing). Also, super impressed with Nacho finishing the level so quickly. The team feels attached the project and we’re building steady momentum. Fiverr has also become an amazing resource.

Goals Going Forward

–Plan out more of the game
–Figure out the story elements
–Add enemies to base level
–Add walls and ceiling to base level


–Finished Sewers Base Level

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