Awesome Games to try for the Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest is launching and if you haven’t decided what games you want to buy for it to celebrate then we’re here to help you.

The Quest is promising nothing less than a revolution in terms of hardware, price, and on and on.

Enough of that, right? You want to hear about the best games coming out for it.

Image from Oculus Quest Main Page

These are the best games that will be available for the Oculus Quest on launch day and all deserve a spot in your library:

Superhot VR

This is pretty much on everyone’s best-of list and that’s because it is amazing. If you haven’t played Superhot VR, it is basically an FPS for virtual reality but it works so well that you’ll be shocked at how compelling and fun it is – even if you don’t like that type of game!

Job Simulator

Ok, so, we admit that the title of this game is absolutely awful but trust us when we say that this game is awesome. It’s such a good game that it might actually impact your actual employment. Choose from a range of professions and then live the dream of a cubicle warrior.

Tilt Brush

Combine Microsoft Paint’s free form creativity with the immersion aspects found in a VR game and you have one of the most unique art games ever made. One of those games that have to be seen to be believed, Tilt Brush doesn’t get nearly enough love among the gaming press.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Take an excellent cooperative game and transform it into a VR experience. That’s basically what underpins Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and it works really well. You are part of a team defusing a bomb and you all have to work together or the bomb will explode. Simple enough, right?


This 3D platformer began life on the PlayStation VR and has made its way to other platforms since. Basically, you guide a mouse through a series of puzzles that get increasingly difficult as you go along. It’s also got a pretty cute story and generally whimsical vibe about it.

Beat Saber

No list of best games for VR would be complete without a mention of Beat Saber, the current darling of the niche. Take your lightsabers and, using game mechanics similar to Fruit Ninja, slice and dice your way through one of a series of pulse-pumping tracks.

Sports Scramble

The Wii Sports of virtual reality is probably the best description for this video game. And, just like that IP, Sports Scramble is oddly addicting and offers one of the most robust competitive experiences on VR.

Robo Recall

A first-person shooter that tasks you with eliminating as many opponent robots as possible. It is fast paced and action heavy. Easily one of the most impressive titles graphically on this list, it will definitely put the Oculus Quest to the test and should be a must-have on launch.


Another rhythm game though it might not look like it, Thumper requires players to guide what looks like a steel ball bearing through a series of obstacles while keeping the music flowing without missing a beat.

Dead and Buried 2

Even though we haven’t tried it we totally believe this sequel to Dead and Buried could be one of the best games on Oculus Quest (might explain why Oculus is always teasing it). Who doesn’t love popping into a shooting gallery and killing some zombies? If you haven’t played the first make sure to grab it. We’ll eagerly be waiting to get our hands on this zombie shooting sequel.

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