Nacho DVNC Intern Log #9

May 27 – 31

This week I focused on building the Fort Entrance, which is now called the Cathedral. My original idea for this area was going to be a more open/outdoor environment. An actual Fort Entrance – with ramparts and courtyards, but unfortunately there was no way to make roof pieces for the top of structures because the asset pack simply didn’t have any. So sadly I had to scrap that idea and spend a little more time designing a Cathedral, for which I knew the asset pack had pieces. It was actually a lot of fun designing and creating this level, I did some research into the structure and layout of real life cathedrals and learned a thing or two. My favorite resources were the virtual tours of Canterbury Cathedral and the Cathedral of Saint Paul! When trying to create architecture based on real life it’s definitely helpful to have source material, and virtual tours of places you’re taking inspiration from is definitely extra helpful!

Canterbury Cathedral:

Cathedral of Saint Paul:

I’ve managed to finish creating the interior of the cathedral. For next week, aside from lighting, I’m planning to create the outdoor area on the outside of the gate at the far end of the cathedral. For this part, I’ve taken into account that I don’t have access to roof pieces, so I’ve purposely made it that the outside is only seen from afar, and through a small opening.

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