Nacho DVNC Intern Log #11

June 10 – 14

Vince and Nick were busy Monday and Tuesday, so they let me take those days off for a much needed break! On Wednesday, I took a little time off from making the Basement to finish off the last part of the Cathedral I forgot about – the hole the player will fall through to get to the Sewers! Making this part was quick, but it really reminded me how much the asset pack were using is missing. Not that I think the asset pack is bad, however I just think that I’m making things that the pack isn’t really designed for. I think that it’s great that we’re using a pack because it makes things so much easier and faster, but I’m realizing that if you really want to make environments that exactly match your vision, you need to make your own assets. Nick told me that there’s some tool that we can use to make the floor panels that are going to be above this hole break with pretty realistic destruction, so I’m excited to see that!

For the rest of the week, I finished off the tutorial level – the Basement. I’m pretty proud of this level, and can’t wait to test it out! We don’t have proper target assets yet, so the targets in the screenshots below are just placeholders! And again, we haven’t gotten to baking and lighting all my scenes yet, but we’re going to very soon!

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