SuperHero in Training, VR Action Game, Demo on Itch!!!

*takes a deep breath* ALRIGHT! It’s that time, Hero Gear Inc. is officially announcing the public demonstration of the SuperHero in Training program, a full-featured program where you, YES YOU, will be able to test out the latest Hero Gear products. We at Hero Gear Inc. have gone through several internal iterations of this program, and are now ready to see what potential heroes think!

Try the Free Demo now!

What is the SuperHero in Training Program?

Current and planned features of the program:

  • Use your Anti-Force Suit, EQ Gauntlet, Magnetic Hooks, and Hand Jets to quickly move through environments
  • Training Missions evolve into Survival, Rescue, Capture and other types of Hero oriented missions
  • Free Roam in an environment made specifically to teach you what it means to be a hero! With more content already planned for after release!
  • Increase your Hero Rank completing various tasks and exploring new areas to unlock new missions, zones, and more as they’re added to the program!
  • See how high you rank on the Global Hero Leaderboard!!! Become the best at capturing villains, saving civilians, and more!!!

In our program, you’re not playing the hero…YOU ARE THE HERO!! Register today for Hero Gear Inc.’s SuperHero in Training program and use Hero Gear Inc’s iconic products, aptly named, Hero Gear to complete training missions. As you complete missions and progress throughout the program your Hero Rank will rise to allow you access to progressively difficult missions. Start off by swinging your way to the end of training stages then enter a Free Roam environment and start exploring to find new ways to increase your Hero Rank!!!

A message from Hero Gear Inc’s CEO:

“Have you found the courage to join the SuperHero in Training Program, sponsored by Hero Gear Inc? 

In this program, you won’t pal around or play games. Instead, you’ll complete training course after training course, mission after mission, all in an attempt to reach the Rank of Hero in Training.

Once there, Hero Gear Inc. will sponsor you to reach new heights. Going where no human has gone before!”

-CEO of Hero Gear Inc.

Meet Your Hero Gear

Anti-Force Suit

The Anti-Force Suit shields the hero from directly taking damage. The suit provides indicators to various features of the Hero Gauntlet as well as increasing the hero’s overall strength and dexterity.

EQ Gauntlet

The EQ Gauntlet provides the hero with a toolset of functionalities. The primary features of the EQ Gauntlet are the Magnetic Hooks and Hand Jets:

  • Magnetic Hooks – part of the Hero Gauntlet that allows the hero to attach and pull towards various surfaces.
  • Hand Jets – the opposite to the hooking mechanism. The hand jets push the hero in the opposite direction of the gauntlets. Thus the hero can temporarily fly up if they aim the gauntlet down and can propel forward if they aim the gauntlet backward.

A message from Hero Gear Inc’s Head Scientist:

“Thank you! Thank you!!! THANK YOU!!! For joining the SuperHero in Training program, and testing out my….my team’s latest creations! There have been countless hours and tears put into the creation of the Anti-Force Suit and EQ Gauntlets, but don’t worry about breaking them. They won’t break! Seriously, they might break you first…so be careful and test them to their fullest capabilities!”

-Head Scientist

How can you get started?

Head over to the SuperHero in Training Free Demo page on There you can find a download button to begin downloading the demo version and get started with your Training. The Head Scientist will help with your basic training, but from there it’ll be up to you to learn the best ways of using your equipped Hero Gear.

Good luck aspiring Hero! And we hope to see you soon!

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