The First Day: Intern Blog #1

Yesterday was my first day starting as a game design intern with DVNC. I couldn’t be more excited about the position! I was able to virtually meet with the team and I gained a greater insight into what my internship will entail over the next few months. I can tell that the other interns are just as excited and passionate as I am about working here. After completing some work-related “quests”, I’m even more prepared to jump right into projects!

I think that a lot of game developers and companies easily lose sight about what their mission is, and some have no mission beyond creating games. Learning about DVNC’s goals, both in the purpose of their software and with their involvement in the LGBTQIA+ community, helped me realize that DVNC was a really unique internship opportunity. I’m thrilled to be working with them!

I’m really intrigued by some of the projects currently in development. One of the projects, Monochrome, really caught my eye. After playing through the demo, I can see how much potential the project has. I’m really excited to start working on these projects with everyone on the team over the next few months.

Stay safe and wash your hands!

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