Wet Feet: AV Intern Blog #0

I got my feet wet yesterday and met the team.  For my first blog post for DVNC, I decided to talk about what brought me to the company and what excites me about the next few months of working here.

Initially, my attraction to DVNC and this co-op was honestly the name. DVNC is a double entendre initialism of all the founder’s names as well as a mission statement. It’s who the company is and what the company is, condensed into four letters. Concise, cute, and fun.

Then, the projects the team are working on caught my eye. I was just jumping on the VR train, and am now a proud owner of an Oculus Quest. Superhero In Training seemed neat, and the enterprise projects were in line with how I picture the future of VR as an industry.

Learning more about Monochrome, a more traditional game project, also has me excited. Artistically in line with rubber hose animation of the early 20th century, with gameplay in line with RPGs of the early 90s, it’s an interesting confluence of style and tradition.

And now, living in a post-Half Life: Alyx and mid-COVID19 world, things look very different out there than they did when I signed on. What is the future of games after the world’s irreparably altered by a global pandemic? What’s the purpose of creating, especially now? Have we answered the difficult questions of VR design? (Probably not) Were we looking in the wrong place for those answers? 

I really, honestly, do not have anything close to answers for these questions. But it’s hard not to ask them, given the state of… things. Whatever the future holds, I’m glad that now that I’ve got my feet wet, I can look to the horizon from DVNC (even if it’s over a Zoom call).


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