Day 1: Intern Blog #1

Finally, my mother believes my degree actually exists!

Meeting over zoom was strange for me, but also somehow fitting. Our industry is technology forward, but still also very centered around people and their experiences. It seems like that is the way this company works, too. It was a great first set of “quests” to acclimate to new communication software, and find new purposes for ones I already knew. That and, of course, sampling a project that I may be working on in the future to get a taste of what’s to come creatively as well.

If we’re being honest, I would have never guessed a smaller company to have so many projects (and so much organization to manage said projects). But, I am thrilled that my notion was incorrect. It’s nice to see that there are many opportunities to learn from here at DVNC rather than necessarily being stuck on only one. It’s likewise comforting to know that the company has invested so much into software suites that inspire collaboration.

I’ve never been the sort of artist who sticks to one style, topic, medium, or anything really. Probably a poor way of stating that I’m creatively flexible. Thus, I am optimistic that any of the projects here would be fascinating and challenging for myself as an artist and as a problem solver. The Monochrome workshop seems the most in tune with my general skill set as a 2D artist, but at the same time who doesn’t like a challenge? All I see in the future is growth, so I couldn’t be more excited. 🙂

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