Tyler’s First Day

First Day Blog Post - Tyler Sweppenhiser

    “I will not write code. I will not write code. I will not write code.” That is what I told myself one year ago when I came to Drexel University to do game design. Sure enough within the first couple months I found that I was pretty good at code. I guess DVNC did as well because for my first Co-op I am writing code for them.

     Just from my first meeting with the team I know the next few months will be a blast. Even working from home I felt like there was a connection with the team instantly. Not only did I know almost every one of the other Co-op’s but my new team members at DVNC made me feel at home instantly. Times are crazy right now but the one thing I can always be excited about, is making more games. 

    Stay safe and play games!

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