Tyler’s First Week

sWhat the heck is a singleton?

I couldn't tell you but here is how my first week went.

   Code is complicated. It’s like like life really. One moment everything is alright, and then you forget how to spell and everything falls apart. This week I was given a simple task of creating a singleton. To people who understand code this is an easy task and probably a must know for game development. For me it was something I had never encountered. It didn’t scare me though. It actually excited me.  The whole reason I love learning code is because, with every completed line I get better and better at something I consider to be a weaker link in my skills.   

It took a few youtube tutorials, but at the end of the day I figured it out. This was just my first task here and although it was simple, I learned something important to game development. I would have been happy leaving Co-op with just one new thing learned. Here at my house… I mean DVNC there is enough help and support that I know there will be so many things to learn. I cant wait to continue learning and growing with this team. 


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