Week One Down: DD Intern Blog #2

Hello! Week one of my internship here at DVNC is complete. I really enjoyed getting to know the team more over the week, and am looking forward to the rest of this internship. The week started with the team introducing me to their work flow/pipeline. I really enjoyed learning about Asana, which is a really awesome tool to help stay organized.

I then got to work on a few different tasks throughout the week. The first main task that I worked on was creating a 2D user interface for a language select screen. The screen was for the Empathy project, and was created using Unity. I designed the layout of the screen, and implemented buttons, logos, flags, text, etc. for seven different languages (pictured below). It is designed in a way to be compatible with the VR gameplay of the game.

Once I was finished with the language select screen I was then tasked with researching, and learning the Ork Framework plugin for Unity. I started reading through the tutorials, and implementing Ork into my own test Unity game to learn the systems. Being a part of the programming team we are going to be implementing the Ork Framework into Monochrome. We are going to be redoing the combat, progression systems, etc. with this new framework. I did have a few other small tasks to complete, but those were the two major tasks that I was given to complete throughout the week. Thanks for reading, and I will talk to you on the next post!

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