DVNC Week 2 Intern Log – All “Blended” Up – Isabella Haro

Drexel’s game design program, despite the tuition we front it, is still rather new and underdeveloped. As such, we are taught the same as the animation students, often BY animation students, in the archaic art of Autodesk Maya. We are taught to focus on the little details of the models, to use thousands upon thousands of polygons in even background models. And that is, pardon my French, bologna.

This week I watched like 8 hours of tutorials in an attempt to transfer my Drexel-given knowledge of Maya into the practical knowledge of Blender. As a person who always managed to learn the point of my Maya classes immediately AFTER the final projects were due, I imagine only real practice will cement my knowledge of the new platform. I will say that I like Blender better so far, as the entire program appears to have been designed with logic and purpose rather than malice and disappointment like Maya.

Beyond tutorials, I also worked on gathering assets from the Unity asset  store for Set VR scenery pieces, which was more fun. I enjoyed browsing other people’s collections, and how much they were priced for. It made me wonder why I wasn’t just sitting around making assets all day for money, like when I found out how much Roblox servers make. Anyway, only good times ( ͡ಠ ͜ʖ ͡ಠ)

For next week, I will be focusing on turning the tutorial knowledge into tangible product as I begin working in the actual Set VR scene modeling a parking lot and store front. With the approach of cutting corners on the actual models and focusing more on textures, I’m sure I’m giving all of my Drexel professors a coronary.

Song of the week: Squirrels in My Pants from Phineas and Ferb

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