Week 3 LJ Intern Log – Learning from Experience

Another week done means more progress made! Week three was a continuation of previous work I did on the Monochrome RPG. I was able to finalize the remaining details for the most recent level designs I created, including a new Townhouse and Hobo Camp. In addition to this, I continued to expand on the original game design document I created.

Learning From the Best:

As I updated my document, I was introduced to a GDC talk called “Making the World Give a D*mn About Your Game” by Mike Rose. Mike discusses the marketing strategies he has come to learn through his own publishing company, diving deep past the traditional nuggets of wisdom often toted around when discussing game marketing. One of the biggest takeaways from the talk was the idea of “magic” when selling a game. Most of the time, luck and effort are pushed as the primary reasons games become successful. On the contrary, Rose explains that luck should be left out of the equation. Rather, successful games focus on working out what the most exciting aspects are and getting people to actually care about it. Reaching out to the audience and supporting the strongest selling points really push a game towards a profitable launch.

Thoughts Into Actions

Listening to the GDC talk really inspired me to consider how to push the most invigorating aspects of Monochrome RPG forward. Game design documents are the main selling points of games in a professional setting. The document becomes the lifeblood of a game, containing the most significant pieces of the technical and narrative aspects in a single place. Within my document, I focused on utilizing the pun-based humor and unique art style of Monochrome RPG to sell itself. My hope is that when creators and investors read the document, they connect with the essence of Monochrome RPG and are excited to play.

Mushy Feelings

Being able to work on a game design document has been really refreshing. I had very minimal experience creating design documents previously, so being able to go through the process of creating and updating one on such an intricate project has been super gratifying. Next up on my radar is officially finishing the document and moving onto larger marketing endeavors. Until next week!

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