DNVC Intern Log Week 3 – Don’t Blend Me Up – Isabella Haro

Painting is very easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.

Let’s Get Blended

My tasks tend to be varied as an art intern, probably because everyone needs art. I jumped around from Monochrome and SET VR, planning assets for the former and gathering sample metrics and making models for the later.

I would say the most accomplishment I have gotten this week was from making a somewhat coherent model in Blender, a program that was completely foreign to me a week ago. Who would have thought that a few tutorials could make such a difference? It makes me wonder how good at Maya I could be if I only payed attention in one of the 6 classes I have taken in  it….

(above is some reference)

Working on the airtable for monochrome was also surprisingly satisfying for me, as I was able to revisit my roots as an administrative assistant to an art program. All I did for 2 years straight was make a bunch of spreadsheets and google docs about art, and I loved it! Anything to feel alive again I guess.

Finally, for next week, I look forward to continuing the modeling process for the SET VR parking lot scene. But I’m even MORE excited to make a storyboard for the Empathy project, because I have to draw and drawing is easy, haha. Only good things to come 🙂 

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