DVNC Week 3 Intern Log – Battle Functionality – Devin Doane

Another Week down!

Hello again for another weekly update here at DVNC. This week went a lot smoother for me than last week. I was able to fix the issues that I was having last week, and make some good progress on the Ork battles in Monochrome.

I am going to start recommending a video game that I have played, and really enjoyed each week. So, for this week the recommendation is Risk of Rain 2. I just recently purchased this game, and started playing it with the other programming guys here at DVNC, and it is a lot of fun. The trailer can be found here.

Battle Functionality

Like last week, this week I continued working on the Ork Framework battle system for Monochrome. I was finally able to figure out the issue that I was having last week where the combatants would not spawn/join the battle. I am not completely sure what the issue was, but I think that it had to do with the player not being spawned correctly for Ork. So, I made sure that the player was spawned through the Ork event system.

Once I fixed this issue I was able to start implementing a lot of the functionality/UI to the battles. I started the process by creating all of the required status values for both our player, and the enemies. So, those values were; Max Garde (HP), Garde, Max Affinity, Affinity, Attack, Defense, and Experience. With the status values defined I was then able to connect them to both the player, and the enemies. This then allowed me to create GUI boxes, and Battle HUDs in order to give the battles UI (as seen in the header image). After that, I then fixed issues that I was having with the UI, like health bars not working properly, spacing, etc.

What Lies Ahead

So, what work lies ahead for me next week? Well, I am going to continue refining the battle system, and fixing any issues that are still happening. Some of those issues being, the target select UI does not display properly on the screen, and gets cut off (seen below). Also I am having an issue with getting the Affinity meter to end battles properly. It should end when the enemy’s affinity bar is full. However when I set Ork to have death on maximum for affinity, for some reason the battle will not start. 

Finally, for next week I have been informed that we will be switching the battle system from turn-based to active battle. So I am sure that most of the week I will be switching the battle system, over to active battles. I do not see it being too much work/hassle changing the battle system since I already have most of the back-end stuff setup, but we will see.

My Thoughts

Overall, this week went well, and I am in a much better mood than last week since I was able to fix the issue that I was having with the battle system. Although I did run into some roadblocks as mentioned previously they seem to be minor, and not completely stoppin gmy progress like last week. 

Looking to next week I hope that I do not run into too many issues changing the battle system from turn-based to active. However, I am looking forward to getting this battle system done, and fully functional.

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