Tjs Intern Log #4

A Little About Me….Finally

As you may have been able to tell from my last blog post I am not a writer. My first attempts at making blog posts have been what you see here on this very page. From the bottom of my heart I’m sorry if you had to read the others. I went three weeks without telling anyone reading these about me at all. 

My name is Tyler Sweppenhiser. I am a game design student from Drexel looking to create amazing games for others and myself to join. This year at Drexel we were given a chance to intern earlier than past classes. This was a great opportunity but also extremely intimidating. I went out looking for jobs with very little experience however I was given a chance by my employers and my friends here at DVNC.

What’s The Catch…?

The catch was that I am here for programming…my weakest link. Programming is something I enjoy and hate. There is so much to gain and be rewarded by for successes but there are also so many things to drive you insane. I was excited to have the position here to learn more about code and get better at something I consider to be so difficult. What I learned while being here is that all it takes to be comfortable when working with difficult topics, is to have reliable and easy to talk to friends.

Friends Make the World a Better Place

While working at DVNC I got to know my mentor Daye. He is one of the original members of DVNC so technically he is my boss. He has however been extremely friendly with me and is great to work with. On top of that He played Risk of Rain 2 with me and the other intern Devin. Together we work on any topic the clients of DVNC need completed and we have fun while doing so by talking to one another. When one of us has a problem there is another willing to help.

What Did I Work on This Week?

Now that you know a little about me and my team. Here is what I worked on this week. I worked on The dialogue systems of Monochrome. The new dialogue system is much easier for us to develop on and will also be much better looking in the final build. The original build of the game is being redone with the new dialogue and updated quest system. It’s been fun to work on and I can’t wait for more people to see. That’s about it… I’m going to play minecraft. See you next week.

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