TJS Intern Blog: 5

Quest Log Entry 1

This week was a huge week for learning and a huge week for Monochrome. Every week we have continued to add bigger and better things to update the game. This week for me after I finished reworking a little of the dialogue, I began working on the quest system that the player will encounter in the game. It began, like most things that I do right now, with a wild google search followed by an hour or two of tutorial videos and “How To’s” for the quest system. After I figured out how to work with it I just had to learn how to put it into the existing game of Monochrome.

The quest’s came easy because they have been worked on previously by another member of the team. The hard part was learning how to open and implement the journal that the player should be able to open in the game. The goal is to have a journal that acts as a guide and a quest tracker at the same time. In order to do that I had to edit the text and links of the quests first and then find a way to open the actual quest in the game. For now there is a button that opens the quest but eventually when I get better at my job there will be a key that the player can press to open it. With that behind me I can now move onto an even more exciting challenge. The battle System.

Devin the other Programming Co-op has done a fantastic job recreating the battle system and if you haven’t seen it already join the discord and play the demo now! The Itch build for the game can be found using this link.The password is: engarde


Good Job Devin!

Entry 2: What’s Next?

I will be working on some of the newer things to go into that system including the status effects during the fight. Similar to your favorite RPGs there will be the Status effects most are used to and more with their own Monochrome goofiness. One that you may know or be able to guess is “Sleepy” This will affect the time bar implemented in the demo. There is so much more to be added to the game and I am so excited and happy to be a part of a game almost as goofy as I am. 


Look forward to next week where I can tell all the readers if I was super successful in the making of these status effects. Cough Cough I mean WHEN I can tell the readers how successful I was. In the meantime enjoy the demo.


Also this is an image to represent how sleepy “Sleepy” will be. Your welcome.

But Tyler? What Do I Play Until The Game Releases?

 Glad you asked! I would like to begin recommending great Indie games to play while you wait for the best one ….Monochrome to release. There are plenty to talk about and it would be my honor to rant about at least one every week from this point on. Recommended from my friend and Co-op partner Andrew V.  The Outer Wilds is one of the best games out there. Period. I would do the game wrong by talking about it now and spoiling even a drop of this experience for you. The only thing you need to know is you have a whole galaxy to explore with Secrets at every turn and plenty of unforeseen danger. What more could you want as our real world collapses around us. Stay safe and have fun.


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