In The Beginning...

In the beginning off my Co-op I didn’t know entirely what I would take out of it. I had hopes of course but that was the obvious goals of gaining enough skill to further a career in something that I love. That and to somehow get a connection with Santa Monica Studios to make the next God of war game. That last one might be a little bit of a stretch(not for lack of trying) but learning skills was an understatement. What have I learned so far you may be thinking? I have learned countless things with coding and Unity but the most important thing is learning to problem solve with the technology I’m using. Every week I have been assigned to a new system within Unity and I believe this is helping me learn to overcome challenges that I may have similar issues with in the future.

What's New?

The new things I have been working on have been the battle system in Monochrome. There is a lot of status effects that are used in a fun and interesting battle system. On top of that they should fit the theme of our goofy adventure and not just be a rip off of something you see in another game. This is the same thing I was working on Friday of last week too so I think I can have this finished by the end of the week. Other than that I am doing well learning Ork Framework despite its many MANY tabs. The only thing left to do is get back to work. But first here is my game recommendation for the week.

Game of the week #2

The game I need to recomend this week is Undertale. If your looking for a game that fits into the RPG catagory while also being funny like the another game I know of try this one out. You will fall in love with the story and characters while playing in an unforgetable experience. Depending on you choices you may even want to replay it too! Try not to hate yourself if you accidently mess up the good ending. You monster…..


See you next week!


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