DVNC Intern Log Week 4 – Story of my Life – Isabella Haro

You would think after all the years of fine art academic training I’ve had, It would be easier to draw a Storyboard.

An unexpected ask arose towards the beginning of the week to interrupt my regularly scheduled blender work, in which I was tasked with creating a storyboard for the Empathy project. I thought, “Great, I get to draw!! Haha!!” but boy was I not ready for this one. What began as a simple sketch with 9 panels evolved into 18 panels, colored, with a cover letter. I will admit by the end I kind of wanted to stab myself in the eye with my cintiq pen, but I persevered and am mostly happy with the result.

And of course, through it all, there was Blender. My one true love, who snatched me away from my horrible abusive relationship with Autodesk Maya. This week’s focus was UVing the new model and adding some more fine detail, like a sign and some dividers. I am so far happy with the progress of not only this project, but also my general knowledge of the program. One day, my goal is to be able to use blender as an alternative to z-brush and just sculpt some faces and stuff. That would be rad.

My goals for next week so far are all blender related, but who knows? Perhaps I’ll have another curve-ball like the storyboard? At dvnc we keep it interesting!


Song of the week: The Entire Ending of Shrek 2

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