DVNC Intern Log Week 5 – Ngon Take a While- Isabella Haro

A Slave to the Polygons

When I picked the overhead view of a Walmart supercenter in Lynchburg Virginia a few weeks ago, I didn’t know just how much time I would spend lovingly crafting each of its corners and quirks. It’s strange to work on a model so long, but also fruitful. Like raising a baby (I live with a baby so I know).  Small, incremental gains that eventually, when you finally stop to look, become so shocking to think about in terms of progress.

The model has finally moved into Unity! Before being completely overhauled again. Haha. After importing and beginning to add details from other packs, it was decided to expand the model itself to include some of the surrounding to make room for terrain alteration in Unity. That means completely re-working the UV as well. It is what it is.

Another small side project that took place was the creation of a procedural hologram ball in Unity made almost entirely from node alteration in engine. I have never worked with Unity nodes, but boy have I worked with Maya nodes, so I didn’t feel like a complete stranger.

Overall, a productive and good week. The hologram ball became a small victory that motivated my progress on the greater project of the market model. I look froward to seeing the completion of my baby and being able to look back on my first blender model with pride!


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