DVNC Week 4 Intern Log – Active Battles – Devin Doane

Hello There

Another week down, so here is another intern log from me here at DVNC. This week I continued working on the battle system for Monochrome. As discussed in my last week’s intern log, this week we decided to change the battles from a turn based system to an active time battle system. So, most of my week was spent changing over the battle system, and adding more features.

Once again, I have a recommended game for the week, and this week’s recommendation is one of my favorite games of all time, The Witcher 3. The Witcher 3 is an amazing RPG with great combat, storytelling, etc. The only downside is be prepared to sink at least 100 hours into one play through. You can find the trailer below.

What I Did

Alright, lets get into more detail about what I learned, and accomplished this week. Firstly, I was able to swap over the combat system to active battles pretty seamlessly. I did not have any big issues like I was worried about last week. 

I started the week by changing the battle type in the Ork Framework battle component. It was simple enough, but just changing the battle type caused the battle to break because it was not set up for active time. I then had to add a UI element for each combatant that gave each of them their own time bar. After, I also added a value to the bar that shows the player the max time, and where their time is currently at. Once the bar was added, I then had to make the player, and enemy attacks have time values in order for them to be cast during an active time battle. The values range from 100 time units, to 300 time units, which is the max time bar currently.

Once all of the back end, and UI stuff was complete, a second enemy was added to the battle to make it harder. Along with that I also added a formula that causes the enemies to randomly select which ability/attack to use. This was meant to vary up the combat. Finally, I added text to the battle win, and lose states.


What Lies Ahead

I am not completely sure what I will be working on throughout the next week, however I do still have some battle stuff I have to finish. I still need to get a formula working that causes the enemies’ defenses to decrease as their affinity increases. This was causing me some trouble this week. 

Once that is completed I believe we are going to start adding final features to the battles like animation, art, etc. However, I know that we are also ramping up development on one of our other projects, Set VR, so I think I will also start working on that project as well.

My Thoughts

Overall this week went well, and I am feeling good about what I was able to accomplish. I made some real progress on the battle system for Monochrome, and we are getting close to getting something awesome. However, I am a little frustrated that I was unable to get the damage/affinity formula working, but I it is just a minor roadblock and I believe I am close to figuring it out. 

That wraps up this week’s intern log. Make sure to check out my previous ones if you haven’t, and come back next week for another update!

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