Week 4 LJ Intern Log – Dancing your way into Leadership

Week four has been consistently busy with lots and lots of reading, writing, and review! Throughout the week, my focus was to expand the game design document I had been previously working on and create social media posts and design description documents for two of the projects at DVNC. Throughout my writings, the topic of leadership was discussed amongst me and my coworkers. What does leadership mean to me? And how can I translate what I’m doing at DVNC to become my own leader? 

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

These questions all culminated into the viewing of a Ted Talk by Derek Sivers called “How to start a movement”. In the talk, Sivers shows a popular video of an individual dancing at a music festival. At first, they are all alone, dancing in a field as people walk around them. At some point, a stranger joins them in their exaggerated dance. As the video continues, more and more people join in, until suddenly, there’s an entire crowd of people dancing around together. Sivers goes on to explain how just taking that leap of faith is all it takes to be a leader, and that all it takes is a single person to become a follower. Once you have a follower, you’ve started a movement!


I found the video quite amusing. It was such a clever way of describing leadership and how simple it can be to begin a movement. Leadership, as referred to in the video, is simply taking a chance on an idea and running with it at full force. Also, the people who take part in your ideas help it grow, even more so than the person who started everything. I personally have been looking back at the video as a way to focus on how I can become my own leader with work. So far, I’ve been able to push myself to become more of a leader through open communication and the quests I’ve been able to complete on my own for DVNC. It has been a great way for me to practice what I preach and to accomplish more for DVNC as I continue my internship. 

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