DVNC Intern Log 8 – Battles – Devin Doane

Its been a while.

It has been a while since my previous intern log. Mainly due to the fact that all of us at DVNC have had our heads down and working throughout the past few weeks. However, the intern logs will be back to being weekly so be sure to check back next week.

These past couple of weeks I have continued working on the Monochrome battle system. We have gone through quite a few drastic changes, and additions since you last saw it. There would be too many things to keep track on and talk about these past couple of weeks, so I will mainly talk about what I was working on this week.

This weeks game recommendation is going to be a game that has not actually come out yet, but I am really looking forward to it. The game is a Playstation exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima. Although the game is not out yet I am really excited for it. I will probably play it when it come out in a few weeks, so I might come back and give my thoughts on it in a future post.

This Week

This week I continued working on the Monochrome battle system as mentioned previously. I mainly worked on getting new status effects working properly. Since we recently changed the battle system to turn based, we needed to completely change the old status effects that we had implemented. Some of the status effects were straight forward, and easy to setup, however there were a few that gave me some trouble. One of the main issues that I needed to fix was that the abilities with status effects were not properly adding TU to the player’s bar. I was able to fix this by just deleting the abilities, and creating new ones, but I am still not really sure what the issue actually was.

The next issue that I ran into was figuring out how to get status effects to happen over the course of a few turns instead of just immediately. I was not able to solve this issue on my own, however one of my  team mates was able to help me out and get it working. With all of that being said most if not all of the status effects are now working.

Next Week

I am not completely sure what I will be working on next week. However I do know that we want to get a battle build out really soon so I imagine that I will be working on getting the battles ready to be tested. I also know that one of the major issues we need to fix is the animations. I have all of the animations hooked up and working, but all of the character sprites are different sizes and do not match. So, we need to go back and make sure that all of the sprites are a uniform size/scale.

Final Thoughts

I am happy to be back posting intern logs again, and sharing with you my work and progress here at DVNC. We have made a lot of changes, and improvements to the battle system, and I cannot wait until we get a fully fleshed out system. Overall this week went relatively smoothly, however I was a little disappointed that I could not get some of the status effects figured out quickly enough to get a build out on Friday. I know that we are close though, so I am looking forward to get a build out to testers soon.

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That is going to be it for this intern blog. Make sure to check in next week for more updates.

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