DVNC Intern Log Week 8 – Isabella Haro

Long Time, No See!

One could argue that I was a 3D artist long ago, and am in fact paying Drexel theoretically $200,000 to make me one. Alas- I did not feel like one entirely until interacting with characters in some fashion. Daz 3D, although not what I imagined, was my first taste into the world of creating characters for the 3D game space.

“The enjoyment of problem solving seems to be an evolved survival mechanism. People who enjoy solving problems are going to solve more problems, and probably get better at solving problems, and be more likely to survive.”

Isn’t she pretty?

Art can be frightening, but that just makes it spicy, no? That’s what I tell myself at 3 am after 5 hours of trying to export Daz characters into Character Creator 3 and being unable to: this is spicy! Meanwhile, the perils of blender have long since faded and become a gentle rhythm to create scenes of corporate leisure. 

I still have a habit of creating with a sort of looseness that people back in fine art academy would call “the artist’s hand” but people in 3D modeling would call “too many ngons”, but I digress. 

I am still but a novice to the realm of 3D art and modeling, but that’s all it takes to get excited! My art has always been very focused on people, so to explore human figures is something I have looked forward to for a long time. Did I expect the fatal errors symptomatic of imperfect technology to get in the way? Not entirely. But nonetheless I look forward to other ways that I may find myself bringing people to life in the digital space in the future.

My goals for the future are simple: find a way around this error that mocks me in my waking and dreaming hours. It has made a fool of me for too long- and unlike Ellie in TLOU2 (spoilers)- I will have my revenge!

Media for the week: This video is what my mind is like most of the time. Enjoy!

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