Week 8 LJ Intern Log – It’s Been a Minute

Well, it’s July now. Things have been so busy at DVNC lately that the Intern Logs have taken a bit of a pause! But we’re back now, so all is good. A lot has changed since my last intern log, including my own position within the company! Within the last month or so, I’ve been hired as an Executive Manager for DVNC!! It’s been so awesome to be able to work with DVNC and have more responsibilities with running the ship. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity and for everything I’ve been able to do for the company thus far.

Goodbye Monday, My Sweet Prince…

After setting up our new organizational app, Monday, and using it for a few months, we realized we didn’t like it. At All. In comes ClickUp – a much more robust organizational platform with the added ability to complete tasks and actually make them disappear from the dashboard (woohoo!). Recently I’ve been helping organize ClickUp and Notion, a different documentation platform, so that we can run DVNC much more efficiently and with as few apps as possible, So far, it’s been a very easy and seamless transition

Project Priority Time

Within the last few months, we’ve begun prioritizing certain aspects of each project! In early June, a handful of us at DVNC attended and showcased a virtual booth for SETVR at the VR/AR Virtual Summit. In the end, it was a bit of a mess as the entire convention was a bit disorganized, but it was a great way to try and advertise SETVR. In addition to this, things for the RPG are being kicked into high gear. The first round of the Creative Bout is well underway, the Location Exploration Demo and Battle Build are almost done, and the base for the Kickstarter has been started! 

I’m super excited to finally get some more work done on the RPG Kickstarter and Level Design items, and I can’t wait to show my progress on both over the next few weeks!

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