DVNC Intern Log 10 – Animations – Devin Doane

Another Week Down

Hello again, This past week I have been working on implementing all of the character animations for the battles. I also added a completely new character as an ally in one of the new battles, along with its animations. I got a lot done this week, and the battles are looking really nice with actual movement for a change. The battles are much more visually pleasing now from both a development, and a player’s perspective in my opinion.

This week’s game recommendation is going to be somewhat of a repeat. Two weeks ago I recommended Ghost of Tsushima even thought it was not released yet because I was excited for its release. Well, now the game has released and after playing it some, I can safely say that the game is awesome and I highly recommend it. Check out the launch trailer below.

This Past Week

As mentioned previously, this past week I was working on getting all of the animations implemented into the battles. So, once I had all of the sprites I created animation clips, and animators for each character. In the animator, the animation clips are all connected to the idle animation. Each clip only has one transition, which is the transition connecting back to the idle state. This can be seen below.

Since the animator is set up this way; I can then call each animation whenever I want it to play in an animation manager script that is placed on each combatant prefab. The animations are set up this way in order to connect with the ORK framework more easily. Since the animations are being called in a script, I can call that function within that script in an ORK event. This ORK event can then be placed on the attack corresponding with the desired animation. The script, and event setup can be seen below.

Next Week

I am not completely sure what I will be working on next week, however I am sure that I will be fixing some issues with the animations if any arise, and also adding some new ones. I also know that I am having an issue playing the damaged animation for the new character, so I know I will be fixing that along with the enemy AI a bit.

Final Thoughts

This week went very well, and I feel that I accomplished quite a lot. I did not run into many issues, and I am very happy that the battles finally have animations in. The battles are much more interesting now visually. Check back next week for more updates.

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