DVNC Intern Log 9 – Bugs- Devin Doane

Hello Again

This past week I was mainly working on fixing bugs, and finishing the implementation of the new status effects. Since we decided to change the battles from active time to turn based, we also had to redo/re-balance the status effects. So, that is why I spent some of this wee overhauling the status effects. I was also working on fixing bugs involving our Joke system. We recently had a battle build go out, and found out that joke was not working as intended.

However, before I get too in depth about the work I completed this week, it is time for this week’s game recommendation. The game recommendation for this week is going to be The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). ESO is an awesome MMO set in the Elder Scrolls universe, and I highly recommend it if you enjoy MMO’s.

This Week

So as mentioned previously, I started the week by finishing all of the new status effects for the battles. There are now status effects that effect turn order, damage over time, increase affinity over time, block incoming damage, and increase the damage of the user’s next attack. These new status effects give the player some extra tools to use in a more strategic way in order to win battles.

Once all of the status effects were in, I then focused on fixing the Joke system bug. The bug that was occurring was that once the player joked, the enemies could then attack the player repeatedly, and would not stop. The issue was fixed by tweaking some of the joke code, and also the ORK battle event that was handling the joke system.

Next Week

Next week I know that I am going to be focusing on getting all of the animations for all of the characters, as well as add a new character to the battle system. I am looking forward to these additions because it will add some life to the battles. It is also going to be a nice milestone to hit in the development pipeline.

Final Thoughts

This week went well. I was able to finish up all of the status effects, and get a bug fixed in one of the game’s most important features. Mechanics wise, the battles are starting to get deeper, and more in depth, which is cool to see. I am also looking forward to finally getting the animations into the battle next week. It will be a nice change of pace from just static sprites. 

That is all for this week so check back next week for more updates. Check out the Patreon here.

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