DVNC Intern Log Week (10? 9? 70?) – UI – Isabella Haro

Down with CC3 , Only UI in Unity for ME!

Haha just kidding… unless? Unless Daz exports to CC3 on every computer but my own and crashes constantly? Haha. 

After what seemed like ages of trying to gently coax CC3 into importing my decimated DAZ 3D character models, and after countless model revisions, the models are finally within the Unity Empathy project and functioning. My computer, by the end, decided that it had had enough of those same three tricky models and would crash if it even caught a whiff of them. I even experienced my first blue screen of death! Fun!

But despite the struggles, the plight has been for the best in the end. For the future: continual refinement to try and make sure that the models are clean and taking as few polygons as possible to still look like a human passably.  

Beyond character creation, I have also been working on some UI elements for Empathy as well. Cards, icons for the cards, and menu elements as well. I am more conformable with UI than 3D work by far because I know how to draw! Haha. I’ve just been at it longer I guess.

I look forward to refining the UI in the future, and whatever else comes up in. It seems that this position is one of versatility. It’s a good thing, then, that I have always been proud of my adaptability as an artist. Otherwise, perhaps I would be a bit more thrown off by switching mediums so much.

Also: My sleep schedule is wack and I should work on that. Goals for the future!


Media for the week: this screenshot of my playtime in Mass Effect 3 which is a glitch in my origin account but I think it is VERY funny! wow!

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