DVNC Week 7 Intern Log – Battle Build V2 – Devin Doane

Week 7 Complete

Hey there. This is going to be my intern log for the seventh week here at DVNC. This week I was able to accomplish a few different things, which helped us get a second Monochrome battle build out to the Monochrome discord. Along with the features that I worked on this week, we as a team here at DVNC realized that Ork framework does not merge work well. I’ll get more into that later in this post. Once again make sure to check out the Monochrome Patreon here for more details about the project.

This week’s game recommendation is Jedi Fallen Order. It is a awesome Star Wars game created by Respawn Entertainment. You get to play as a jedi fighting the empire. Everything from the story to the combat are all top notch. The game also has a Dark Souls campfire like mechanic. Even if you are not a fan of Star Wars you should still check it out. Here is the trailer for the game.


This Week’s Work

The first thing that I worked on this week was the primary type combatant system. If you read my previous intern log then you may remember me saying that I was having some trouble with it. Well, I decided to set up a check that will occur in two different Ork battle start events to see which primary type the player is; Comedy or Tragedy. Each event is for one of the two types. Depending on which type the player is, and if it matches the type of battle then the player will get a very strong one time use ability. The ability that I created for comedy was a very strong attack. The ability that I created for tragedy was a healing ability for the player, which also stopped the enemies from attacking for a short time.

Once I had my primary types working I then added an intro dialogue that would occur if the player and the environment matched types. This was meant to help the player realize that they unlocked a new ability due to the environment. The programming team, and I then started merging our elements for the battle system together. This is when we realized that Ork framework does not merge together work at all. We basically will have to each one by one work in increments in order to be able to merge our work together. Once the hassle of merging everything together, and re-implementing some mechanics was completed I started working getting a build ready for the battle system.


In order to get the build ready I added info text that would appear when mousing over each ability. This was to help describe the abilities to the player. I also fixed a few UI issues, and added a graphic to the main menu that is meant to help the player understand some of the new mechanics in the battles.

Next Week

Next week I already know that I cam going to continue working on the battle system, and make changes based on feedback from our build. I also know that we want to add more mechanics like a parrying system (much like depicted below). So, I imagine I will be working on some new features for the battles as well. Other than that I am not too sure, and we will have to see. If you want to keep updated on how the Monochrome battle system is coming then make sure to check my next post next week.

Parry Concept

Overall Thoughts

My overall feeling for the the week is that everything went pretty well. I am glad that we were able to get a bunch of new features added to the battle system, as well as getting a build out for people to play. I didn’t really run into any issue this week other than the super annoying merge issues that Ork causes. Also, I know that we have some ambitious ideas about where this battle system can go, so I am looking forward to playing a part in making that happen. Other than that. I am excited to see what we can get done next week.

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