Intern Blog: 10 I think?


Progress… Something that I ranted about and then ironically made very little of the next week. There is always a lot of problems when trying to make things work in video games. Every week I go into it thinking ” there is no possible way this could go wrong.”. There may have been a few times that I have said that and immediately regretted it. The good news is that I haven’t done nothing! There was a few small changes to the dialogue system and all the text you may have played in the demo and more is now written into the game again for the new dialogue system. This one looks and feels better i’m only really working on making it easier to move through the dialogue with a push of a button for both moving to the next text and also choosing the next option for the player.

What’s next?

The next thing that I will be working on now is more dialogue flare. Besides being able to walk up to something and just talk to it, there are other options I can make the dialogue do. The thing I would like to work on in “Barks”. These are short sentences or words that will pop above characters heads when the character is around them. This can also be used to tell the player to press a button in specific. For example when teaching the player what the interact button is in Otto’s house I can now just pop a short sentence saying ” Press space to interact” above anything that needs it.

Game of the week!

I am a huge fan of story driven games. Naughty Dog knows exactly how to do story games and pull and type of emotion they want out of a player. With the release of Last of us: Part 2 coming out probably before you read this there is a good reason on top of many others to play the first game. This will not only be a fun experience game play wise, but it will also be your experience in one of the best story’s in games. If you can avoid spoilers for the second game that is. Have a great day and stay safe.

Game of The week 4

The Last of Us is a game worthy of critical acclaim. 

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