Almost There!

Working on Monochrome has been a huge challenge. This is a good thing though! There are a lot of things that go into making a great game. These challenges of development only make me as a game designer better. It also makes the game better in the end having all these annoying bugs squashed. If all goes well the player will never experience them!

There are a few things left before we can show you what we are working on in the updated game. The biggest thing that I cant wait to show everyone is the dialogue system. I know for a fact that when players walk around in our world, seeing the voices and reading the jokes that fill Otto’s world will be worth the wait. The reason it has taken so long for me to make is because with an rpg system such as Ork everything has to get along behind the curtains or it all breaks. Fortunately I can happily say we are almost there.

Music to make you move it.

There are a lot of great songs to listen to while I make games. Part of my work process involves listening to songs and working on the game. This week I have had some of the character themes from league of Legends on repeat. Just take one listen to this song on tell me its not amazing. I usually make a game of the week…and there is one as well, but i would love to give a shout out to a song every week as well just to let you in on what I was listening to while making Monochrome other than the amazing music made for our game.

Special thanks to...

I have been working on Monochrome for a few months now and it has changed me a lot as a developer. I have said this once but my Programming team is some of the best people out there. They always help out and problem solve with me to overcome some tricky issues with development. The time I get working on this game has been a blast and I get better every day I open Unity to work on it. The opportunity to be working in a field I love would not be possible without the people reading this and all the fans of monochrome….And my bosses of course! 

Game of the week

A game I have used to pass time and also play with the other programming members is Risk of Rain 2. With its time in beta finally to a close It’s a great time to jump in and play. There are plenty of characters and items to have fun with but I promise if you have friends bring them with on this one it will make the experience so much better. This game was made by an extremely small team and deserve all the credit in the world for making something as fun as this.

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