On The Grind: AV Intern Blog #10


Recently, I’ve been on the grind. I’ve previously written blog posts about managing Monochrome’s pipeline. I’ve written posts about writing documentation for the game. And I’ve written posts about building out the narrative. This week, though? I did all of that, and nothing new.

For the most part, there’s nothing in game development that you only do once. In the time since I wrote the preliminary game design docs, the team has ran tests, released demos, collated feedback, and the design has changed. And with that change, we have to adapt our documentation.

More assets have entered the game, and some of them don’t pass Unity’s sniff test. I have to get back in there and readjust PPU, compression quality, sprite sheetsand all the good nitty-gritty that helps the gears turn smoothly.

A new draft of Monochrome’s script has been finished. I’m lucky enough to be privy to that PDF and am able to read it through and give constructive feedback. I’ve spoken at length about what I think is important in a game’s narrative. Speaking is easy, putting it into practice is much harder.

I did work on a UI mock-up for Boss Battles in Monochrome. It’s a quick look at what a showdown between Otto and his greatest rivals might look like in action. It’s preliminary, but hopefully it’s enough to whet your appetite.

On The Grind

In short, this week I’ve been on the grind. There’s not a lot of interesting stuff to report, but regardless, I hope you’ve all been safe and healthy. Peace.

If you liked what I had to say, check out my previous blog post about the wrangling a game’s production pipeline. Or follow my twitter, @virtualvolt, where I’ll probably sound a lot less coherent than I do here.

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