TJS Intern Blog: 7


Progress… It’s something everyone wants in their lives. For me I look for progress not for myself but for my team as well. This week was an amazing week at work(Minus getting a little sick!). For myself I was able to get done multiple status effects to be used in the new battle system. With the help of Daye, we finished all of them we set out to do in our sprint. It felt good to finish up those effects especially after trying so hard to figure out how to implement them in the first place. For the team it was even better. All week not only did we help each other and finish another successful sprint but I also got to be really good friends with my Co-worker Devin! Me and him started working on our free time and talking more to each other and playing my current addiction Final Fantasy Online. Also as a bonus this is what I looked like while I worked all week!


looking Forward More

There is still a lot to do before we finish the battle system and can implement it everywhere in the game but we have a great start. The next sprint will let others choose difficulties in the menu of the battle to fight other enemies. There is a few new things to learn before that can be ready such as how we change out the variables in Ork framework but I’m sure we will finish it sooner than the previous sprint. The problems we encountered merging files may continue to be a problem but if we can finish this sprint early we may be able to look into another way around those problems. That’s my problem though if your reading this don’t worry about it (unless you’re my co-worker). Now for my favorite thing to talk about each week. The game of the week! 

Game of the Week 3!

In the theme of something I talked about this week I think I owe it to Final Fantasy Online to recommend this game. This game has consumed so much of my free time over the last few weeks. For something so simple this MMO is addictive and the grind became something I grew to enjoy a lot especially with it being a way to connect with my friends during the pandemic. If you are looking for something interesting to play and sink some time into after you play the new monochrome battle system demo this is the game to play!

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