Week 10 LJ Intern Log – A Week Away and Further Improvements

Hi again everyone! For most of the other interns, they’ll be writing and posting their week 11 intern logs, whereas I’m writing my week 10 log! I was away for a week without the internet, but I’ve returned in full force and I’m ready to get back to business!

Lists, Lists, Lists…

Since I was last here, things have been a bit quiet. At DVNC, we’ve been reviewing some level design pipeline items. Ultimately, it was decided that we would create a master list of every little item that would be found in a house according to the room. Based off of that list, we will be sending out a much more cohesive list of what assets we still need, since many of them are missing or need alterations, and then continuing on with the level designs for the vertical slice of the Monochrome RPG!

Documentation Never Looked So Good

Beyond the asset creation, Andrew and I were tasked with creating another Game Design Document (GDD) for the RPG along with a Story Bible! To recap, a GDD is the documentation laying out the entire story and gameplay of a game. For the most recent GDD we created, Andrew and I focused on making the language much more marketing-focused and concise in comparison to some of our original GDD’s. In addition to this, Andrew and I created a Story Bible for the RPG! A Story Bible focuses on the art and main storyline, rather than the actual type of media (whether it is a show or a game). This way, creators can pitch the visuals alongside the narrative as a tangible piece of work before the final draft of the project is created.

Otto’s character card from the Story Bible
Gackle’s character card from the Story Bible

Finalization in the Works

With this new set of documentation and a much more concise level design pipeline, we’ll be able to focus on finishing up and polishing the vertical slice for the Monochrome RPG! The publish date of Episode One is inching closer and closer, so if you haven’t tried the demo or want to be alerted when it is released, make sure to sign up for the newsletter and leave a rating!

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