Hey there! As the end of August creeps closer and closer, things at DVNC have been kicked into high gear! Since I last wrote my intern log, Andrew and I have finished writing the Monochrome RPG GDD and created more asset lists. For the past few days, our attention has been focused on creating a strict Style Guide for the artists. The Style Guide consists of basic shapes matched with different material types so that the Workshop artists have a stronger baseline for new game assets. 

Style Guide Basics

Andrew and I drafted items for the Style Guide from the long asset lists we finished up, matching shapes and materials to items we know we needed. After we added our old asset suggestions, we tediously went through and drafted as many new items according to shapes and materials. By the time we finished up, we were able to fill out three different spreadsheets of items!

Small Preview of the Style Guide

Onto the Database

After completing the Style Guide, Andrew and I have been moving the new assets onto the RPG Airtable. The Airtable tracks and contains all of the nitty-gritty details for the assets and story items that are in progress or completed for the RPG! We’ve been gradually making progress adding everything, and we have now expanded the asset upheaval to include suggested items based on all of the levels. It has been really rewarding to have a lot of control over the development of the RPG along with the overall organization of DVNC. With the new Style Guide and Airtable assets, progress on the RPG will be even more seamless!

The (Near) Future

With September right around the corner, I will be heading back to Drexel for my third year! With COVID-19 still deeply affecting the country, I’m not sure how things will go once I return to campus, but I can only hope that things go smoothly. Before classes start, I will be moving back to the city, which I am both excited and nervous for! It’ll be fun to be back in the city and live with my friends again, but there’s a lot of uncertainty in the air…

Like always, make sure to try out the RPG Demo and sign up to be the first to know about new development! With that, here’s some new music to put you onto:

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