Week 12 Intern Blog

Welcome Home

This blog marks me being home from a summer vacation I was on. While I was away I got to do plenty of fun things, but the time off came with pros and cons. Taking time off can be a good thing for releasing stress or rethinking a problem you have been stuck on. In other cases It can be a huge pain re-thinking where you left off when you get back as well. For me it was a mix of both of these things. There are ideas I had for Monochrome while I was away that I think will solve what I was stuck with. The problems when I got back was that in a new branch of the game I lost progress in what I did and ran into new issues I hadn’t seen before. Fortunately for my problem, the team here at DVNC always help me out when I need it. Part of working here is figuring things out together, so we have gotten pretty good at that.

What’s Next?

The next steps for the game are to finish the tutorial of the game. Its harder than it sounds. Tutorials have to be made the right way because it will be everyone’s first impression of the game. We are going to make this right and send everyone into Otto’s adventure with a great story and without confusing them on how to play.

How was vacation

Now that you know a little about the game. I can rant about my vacation a little bit. I learned to surf…almost! After standing up on the board, my cousins board came and knocked mine off and sent me inside to clean some wounds. That’s pretty much the coolest beach thing i did other than lay in the sun. Part of my vacation was spent taking the time to play Last of Us: Part 2. To my surprise, despite the divide in the fan base. I enjoyed this game much more than the first game. It was a great game and exceeded my expectations for what story and level design can be in a game. This type of story telling was different than the first game but good for sure. Not many games can compare with this one for how good it played and looked…besides Monochrome of course. My game of the week though has to be Last of Us: Part 2.


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