Week 7 LJ Intern Log – Everybody Loves Monday(s)

Since the beginning of my internship, DVNC has primarily used the software Asana to organize and assign tasks for everyone to complete during the week. Recently, we have moved from Asana to Monday.com, a similar, yet stronger, organizational tool. My week has been centered around learning how to use Monday.com and finishing up another pitch deck focused on my own game, Digital Janitors.

Monday Has Two Meanings

Starting over with a new organizational tool has been a bit tricky and interesting. When I started my internship, Asana had already been integrated into all of the projects at DVNC, and it quickly became second nature as we continued to use it. With Monday.com, everything is starting from scratch, and we are all learning together. So far, Monday.com has a much more cohesive layout and includes more tools, such as the progress bar for each feature and a time-tracking system. Within Monday.com, I’ve worked on creating subtasks for larger features and I’ve been reorganizing tasks so that the workload is spread evenly amongst the other interns and myself. I have a feeling that as we continue to use it, it will become integrated into the existing pipelines for work.

Digital Janitors Makes a Debut

As I mentioned last week, I started a new pitch deck for my own game, Digital Janitors! I tried to apply what I learned from making the Monochrome RPG pitch deck to my own by structuring it around what a publisher would want to know. Since my game is still heavily under development, it was difficult to determine how much money we should ask for specifically and how to make the game sound successful in such an early stage. With my pitch deck, I tried to condense it in length, focusing on the major talking points such as gameplay, revenue, and funding. 

Digital Janitors is a desktop defense game in the style of an old operating system. To convey this style thematically, all of our assets are pixel-based. To bring out the design of the game, I utilized some of the same assets from our game to construct a desktop as the background. Within the presentation, I added short gifs of gameplay and overworld information to precede the financial and business slides.

The pitch deck is still in its early phases, but being able to work on something that actually relates to the work I do beyond DVNC has been absolutely incredible. I hope that once I can fix some issues and update a few of the slides, I’ll be able to make a convincing pitch!

Feel free to check out the demo and our website!

Here are some screen grabs for fun:

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