Week 9 LJ Intern Log – Progress On the Home Front

Hi again! The last week has been incredibly busy with updating our organizational pipeline through ClickUp and with altering upcoming tasks. Recently, the team at DVNC discussed a change to the way we are moving forward with tasks by using the CREATE style of organization. CREATE Stands for Concept, Render, Execute, Actualize, Test, and Evaluate. Rather than just basing items purely on due dates and priority, we’ve applied CREATE so that we can easily track tasks to certain goals we have for the future.


Since I’ve been handling a lot of organizational things recently, I’ve been applying CREATE to all of my own tasks. It’s been a bit of a mind-bending situation because I’ve never used anything similar to the CREATE style of work. Since then, I’ve been much more aware of how far along certain tasks I’m responsible for are and I’ve been able to track my progress a lot better!

Leveling Up Part ?

Since I’ve been focused on organizational and documentation-based tasks, I’ve had to put some of my level designs on pause. Recently, we got an updated tile set for the wall and floor tiles, so I’ve been retiling as many of my levels as I can. My current objective is to complete the Greyshade Farmer’s House and the Talent Town Inn as soon as possible. 

As of right now, I have a base layer for each level and I’ve begun implementing midground assets. When it comes to level building, I’ve been basing each level off of the original design I created earlier in my internship. Each level is designed based on the type of level it is, interior or exterior, and then decorated following the style of environment. For the farmer’s house, much of the furniture is broken, worn, or old to depict the dilapidated state of the house. The Inn, on the other hand, is classy and comprises multiple different areas. To account for these differences, I made sure to plan out the wall and floor types along with the furniture in each.

Greyshade Valley Farmer’s House WIP
Talent Town Inn WIP

My progress on each level design will be added to a future update to the Monochrome RPG Demo, where players will finally get a chance to test out and explore a bit of the World! There’s a lot more to finish up before then, but in the meantime, make sure to try out the current RPG Demo and sign up for the newsletter to stay in-the-know with the most recent updates!

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