Touch-ups and Implementation – Christian Sanchez – Devlog#1

So far, so good!

My work throughout these days has consisted of cleaning up, touching up and adjusting existing environments with tasks like correcting layers, removing artifacts on the edges of walls, making sure prefabs exist for all necessary assets. I was frequently opening structural assets and removing the artifacts in Photoshop. Some of these had to be modified, sliced, re-exported and added to the scene again replacing the original ones. The process, while at times tedious, tends to be quite therapeutic and I occasionally lose track of time.

While I was almost done working on the Barge environment, I encountered a layering issue where I was unable to place the lowest crate behind the walls of the Barge. 

In Photoshop, I split the base Barge image into a tile set, separated the foreground and created a base prefab to fix some layering issues and allow for more accurate layering.

I also worked on implementing the Basement bar along with octopus bartender and its animation. I modified the layout for the basement, as instructed, to accommodate the recent changes in how you get through the basement environment.

Final changes were made to the SmokeStack House environment. Papers and a book were implemented to the Desk. The brightness and contrast for the background tiles (floor and walls) were adjusted in the original Photoshop file, re-exported and replaced.

What’s next?

For the following week, I will be working on environments such as the Talent Town Inn and  the Talent Town Laugheasy.

I have been assigned to clean up background edges (artifacts) for the Talent Town Inn.

For the Talent Town Laugheasy I am in charge of:
~Setting up the environment (work off base PSD)
~Getting floors/walls setup, then splicing them.
~Creating midground and background Laugheasy folders for assets sent via slack
~Ensuring that all necessary objects have prefabs created


A friend of mine shared this video with me and I am entranced. The video is so mesmerizing and satisfying. I find it quite fascinating that someone created this in a 3D modeling software like Blender. The possibilities are seemingly endless!

Experimenting with new things!

I have recently been very interested in character design, concept art, sculpting and character modeling. For some personal projects and assignments I have been working a lot on these and getting comfortable with the workflow. I even downloaded an app for my iPad called NomadSculpt which is like a mini portable Z-Brush that can export OBJs. Really excited to finish the creatures and characters I’m currently working on! 😀

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