getting into it – becky l – devlog 02

kickin’ in

It was a pretty good week I think. After the first week, I kind of got more into the position and started to know what was I doing. It could be a little confusing sometimes, but luckily with the help from Vince, Lilly and my team, everything went well. Which again I really appreciated how they would be this patiently to me and helped me solve my dumb problems most of the time. And what’s more, it felt so great to just be able to actually contribute to the game development, even for just tiny little bit xD

learning and learning

I gotta say, the more work I’ve done, the more I realize there’s more I need to learn. First time actually working on the PDB prototype and ORK’s can be a little tricky, and for some parts I didn’t really know what was I supposed to do. However, it’s also my first time reading a whole completed game prototype file, and indeed that acknowledge me a lot of the whole development process. I pick up the concept of basic or major development steps, and that’ll definitely help me for my senior project later, or just have a better understanding for project management in general.

for the past week and the upcoming week

For the past week, we first had a meeting as a team and went over the PDB prototype file, made several adjustments and changes to it. I also added some subtasks to the parts which needed to fill in. Then I met up with Lilly for a short meeting, went over the OKR’s and added more subtasks to each of the development stage. Also had a meeting with Nick, learned about the whole art and animation development process, and yet gets to know the whole art design team. And finally I did the second round of feedback for the RPG game, found some bugs and gave some general improvement suggestions.

when I’m not working

Creed 2 (2018) - Filmaffinity
Creed II, directed by Steven Caple Jr, 2018

Probably the third time watching this movie, the story is meh, like everyone can guess what’ll happen the next minute. But I like the vibe, like Michael. B. Jordan, like the aesthetic of it.

There’s really nothing much to say, if you don’t like this song, you have no soul 😀

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