Monochrome RPG Docks – Christian Sanchez – Devlog#2

New environment, new tasks!

For this week, my tasks have mainly been shifted from level adjustments and touch-ups to level building and asset implementation. I have been working on bringing the necessary assets together to build the Docks environment for Monochrome RPG. 

Setting up tile sheets

I had worked with background tile sheets in past weeks, but I hadn’t set one up yet. At first, setting up the tile sheets properly was quite complicated, but I’m more comfortable with the process now. 

As soon as I started putting the docks together, I realized some of the tiles weren’t lining up how they were supposed to. I kept building it, just in case I was mistaken, but the further I went, it just got incrementally worse.

Therefore I had to go back and fix the tile sheet and replace them to fix the issue.

Docks progress shot 1

I began by roughing out the general placement and layer organization of the tiles and some larger decorative assets. Separated background layers like ground, grass, water, concrete and the wooden docks.

Docks progress shot 2

I later started incorporating more midground assets such as the pegs by the edge of the concrete, expanded terrain, brick walls, more trees, lamp posts and Smokestack’s house. When doing this, I had to revisit old layer orders correct a few.

For the rest of the week…

I will focus on getting the docks environment as close to finished as I can, with proper organization for layers, collisions and prefabs.

Looking into new software

A really cool software that a classmate discovered is Cascadeur, which we might end up using for a game project we are developing. By the looks of it, this software should significantly simplify the animation process and save us some time. 

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