all about docs but more – becky l – devlog #03

overall, it was great?

The beginning of this week was pretty chilling, I finished up some other work from last week, then got some time to chill xD Later on I started having more meetings with Lilly and the marketing team. Even though at majority of the time, my job was to update and add on more contents to different kinds of documentations, I still found it a little tough sometimes, especially with the intentions of “I don’t wanna mess up anything”. But luckily it’s getting better, and with the help I’ve gotten from Lilly, everything was going well in the end.

this week specifically

This week, me and Lilly worked on the OKR’s documentations, updated the whole file and made sure everything that needed to be filled up was finished. We also started making the SETVR investment strategy plan, which was challenging to begin with, but we were getting there. Moreover, I wrote the one page GDD file for SETVR as well, had bunch of meetings with the management team and the marketing team, it was a busy week but I enjoyed it 😀

for next week?

For next week, I’ll be mainly working on the investment plan, as well as some side marketing tasks. Probably will be working with Lilly for the majority of the time, while reading some articles about the pre-order sales, AIDA model and sales funnel as well. It’s interesting to learn more about it since I’ve never actually touched something like this before, so hopefully it won’t be too bad.

interesting stuff, as usual

Interesting video I watched this week, a short video of Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of the Vouge magazine. People on the street will be asking random questions to her, and she’ll answer them from her perspective. Personally I love fashion, thus it’s very fun for me to see what she’d say about these questions.

And then we have a song recommendation here, slowed & reverb has been the vibe for me recently, and I definitely love Jay Rock a lot xD

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