Setting the Stage – Joshua Pelkington | Programming Intern Devlog #3

Full Speed Ahead!

Things are getting good in the backend of the Monochrome RPG! Lots of cool systems at work and I have had my a hand in a few so far. This week has been my favorite of the few I’ve had in the internship, and it’s pointing towards a fun time for the rest of it. Today I will get to share about some progress with a new Music system for the overworld, and the prospects for an upgraded first boss battle!

Where’s That Music Coming From?

Music in Unity is generally an easy thing to setup, but when multiple different tracks need to be played at specific areas of the map, it becomes a more complex task. Monochrome RPG had a problem, the music for the Basement would not play when a battle had started and finished in the Basement. Instead the Main House track would play.

I was tasked with the fix, and luckily the ORK Framework had a solution. ORK handles every RPG aspect of the Monochrome RPG, and can even handle music! This is done through a Music Player.

A neat setting for this bad boy is the Start Type. Instead of just playing whenever the level is loaded up, I can designate Trigger areas for the music to only play when that area is entered by the player. This means that each area of the map can have its own box that designates a unique music track will be played, no matter if Otto has a battle and comes back, or if he simply walks between two areas.

This solves a few music related bugs all in one go, and should be easily expandable and usable in every map that Monochrome will have for Otto to explore!

Wait, Why Do I Hear Boss Music?

Gackle is the big baddie of Otto’s household, as he is constantly throwing loud parties in the basement without the concern of Otto or his Furniture. The main goal of Otto’s House is to get down to the basement and give Gackle a piece of your mind. Naturally this would be Monochrome’s first Boss Battle!

This week I was tasked with helping work on the Boss Battle, including the main mechanics of the fight. Now there is a lot going on for how these battles are setup, so most of this part of my week was spent figuring out how the Boss Battle currently works and figuring out how to start implementing the changes from there.

A main part of the fight will depend on how many enemies Otto has entertained with his jokes. The more he entertains, the more fans Otto can use to help take down Gackle. This system is still in the works, but I have been able to track down how it works and start its full implementation into the fight.

Next Week’s Focus

My tasks will be mainly involved in these Boss Battle systems and possibly some other bug fixes on the side. Gonna be a lot to work on for this week, and I’m excited to work on such a major part of Monochrome less than a month into my internship!

What I’ve been Playing

Call of Duty Cold War is about to start Season 3! Tomorrow 4/22 is when it will be live, and I cant wait to dive into another season, collecting new weapons and camos. You can read all about the new content in their article: 

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